Are Warheads Vegan?


It can be difficult to get hold of commercial candies that are plant-based, but Warheads are one that you can add to your list as they are vegan. 

Are Baguettes Vegan?


For many, the smell of a freshly baked baguette is almost as good as eating it, but is it possible for a vegan to enjoy them? The answer is yes. At Least they should be. 

Are Veggie Straws Vegan?

veggie straws

A crunchy savory snack that may not offer massive nutritional benefits, but to satisfy a craving, are Veggie Straw’s vegan?

Are Ruffles Vegan?

ruffles Potato chips

We’re talking about crinkle-cut chips that are irresistible to so many, but are ruffles vegan? Well, the original flavor is. However, the same can’t be said for all the different options they offer. 

Are Lemonheads Vegan?


A sour, tangy treat that may be popular in the buckets of treats around Halloween, but are Lemonheads vegan?

Are Hi-Chews Vegan?


There are different flavors, and each one has a handful of culprits to avoid. We’re going to take a close look at why they are unsuitable, and see if any brands are making vegan options.

Are Wheat Thins Vegan?

wheat thins

There are different flavors to consider, but the original, and some of the other varieties of the popular savory sack are vegan.

Are Pita Chips Vegan?

Pita Chips

Although nobody is going to advise you to open a bag of Pita chips at every opportunity, most of the time, they are vegan. 

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