Is Kashi Cereal Vegan?

As a brand that keeps appearing on lists for plant-based breakfast options, it begs the question – is Kashi cereal vegan?

Is Special K Cereal Vegan?

When it comes to supermarket breakfast cereal, expect to be disappointed on the regular if you are vegan. But is Special K cereal vegan?

Is Honeycomb Cereal Vegan?

Popular since the 1960’s, this product from Post Consumer Brands has been a sweet staple on the breakfast table for many families, but is Honeycomb cereal vegan?

Is Captain Crunch Vegan?

Captain Crunch cereal

It is one of the most widely known breakfast cereals that has been flying off of supermarket shelves since 1963, but is Captain Crunch vegan?

Is Trix Cereal Vegan?

Trix Cereal

As with many breakfast kinds of cereal, Trix is tricky. There are several questionable ingredients, but is Trix cereal vegan?

Are Rice Krispies Vegan?

Rice Krispies

Because the bright blue puffed rice boxes are so common, a lot of people ask the question – are Rice Krispies cereal vegan?

Is Life Cereal Vegan?

Life cereal

Fortified breakfast cereals have their benefits, but with the sweet, buttery taste of some of the different flavors of this option, it does beg the question, is Life Cereal vegan?

Is Chex Cereal Vegan?

Chex cereal

The criss-cross patterns of this cereal are a familiar sight, but the ingredients in most fortified breakfast options can be concerning for plant-based diets. 

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