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    Vegan cheese is no different from regular cheese in that it too can go moldy and show signs of spoiling. … Read more
  • Why Do Vegans Look Sick?
    Some see this as a bit of a myth, but many vegans don’t get the right vitamins and minerals needed … Read more
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    If you dislike the taste of vegetables, you will find it hard to go vegan. You are also likely to … Read more
  • Why are Vegans So Skinny?
    The plus points of a vegan diet include enhanced digestion and a diet of fiber with less saturated fat than … Read more
  • Why is Vegan Food So Expensive?
    It’s a topic of hot debate, as many vegans find themselves short-changed at the end of their weekly food shop. … Read more
  • Are Vegan and Vegetarian the Same Thing?
    Depending on the source, it is believed that vegetarian diets have been around for over a thousand years. With several … Read more
  • What Can a Vegan Eat for Breakfast?
    No matter what diet you follow, breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day for a reason. It … Read more
  • Why Do Vegans Have High Triglycerides?
    Cardiovascular diseases are a risk for anyone with certain blood pressure levels and obesity, but what about for those who … Read more
  • How Much B12 Does a Vegan Need?
    A plant-based diet is great for so many reasons, and you may be following this lifestyle for environmental, ethical, or … Read more
  • Why Veganism Is Bad for Animals
    There are numerous reasons why people switch to a plant-based diet, including for enhanced health, weight loss, environmental, and of … Read more
  • Splendid Spoon vs Daily Harvest
    Vegan or not, there are always days when you just want to make dinner time as simple as possible. With … Read more
  • Veestro vs Purple Carrot
    We’re entering the world of reputable vegan meal delivery today. Let’s see which of Veestro vs purple carrot is the … Read more
  • Freshly vs Sun Basket
    Dinner time can be as convenient as you like when you try meal prep delivery services. With fresh ingredients delivered … Read more
  • Hungry Harvest vs Misfits Market
    Not bothered about how beautiful your potatoes look? Don’t mind an imperfect peach or carrot? Well, neither do these two … Read more
  • Purple Carrot vs Sun Basket
    Skipping meal prep and filling your family with healthy nutrition sounds like something that you have to search high and … Read more
  • Freshly vs Trifecta
    Find out which is your best option for convenient meals that give you nourishing fuel whilst making your life easier, and tastier.
  • Vegan Options At Pizza Hut
    Pizza Hut isn’t very vegan-friendly. However, you still have some options if you need to go there in a pinch.
  • Vegan Options At Noodles And Company
    Pasta is a favorite dish of many vegans, so it comes as no surprise that many vegetable lovers believe Noodles and Company to be a vegan-friendly place. But, is this really the case?
  • Is Kashi Cereal Vegan?
    As a brand that keeps appearing on lists for plant-based breakfast options, it begs the question – is Kashi cereal vegan?
  • Is Fiber One Cereal Vegan?
    A fiber-filled breakfast is a great way for anyone to start the day, but as a vegan, how easy is it to find?
  • Is Special K Cereal Vegan?
    When it comes to supermarket breakfast cereal, expect to be disappointed on the regular if you are vegan. But is Special K cereal vegan?
  • Is Honeycomb Cereal Vegan?
    Popular since the 1960’s, this product from Post Consumer Brands has been a sweet staple on the breakfast table for many families, but is Honeycomb cereal vegan?
  • Is Captain Crunch Vegan?
    It is one of the most widely known breakfast cereals that has been flying off of supermarket shelves since 1963, but is Captain Crunch vegan?
  • Is Trix Cereal Vegan?
    As with many breakfast kinds of cereal, Trix is tricky. There are several questionable ingredients, but is Trix cereal vegan?
  • Are Rice Krispies Vegan?
    Because the bright blue puffed rice boxes are so common, a lot of people ask the question – are Rice Krispies cereal vegan?
  • Vegan Options At Jack In The Box
    Jack In The Box is a fast-food favorite among people in the West and South. The restaurant chain is notorious for its savory tacos, tasty nuggets, and tons of BBQ sauce options.
  • Is Pumpkin Pie Vegan?
    To make the ultimate thanksgiving dessert yourself, you will need around 10 ingredients, but is traditional pumpkin pie vegan?
  • Is Life Cereal Vegan?
    Fortified breakfast cereals have their benefits, but with the sweet, buttery taste of some of the different flavors of this option, it does beg the question, is Life Cereal vegan?
  • Is Chex Cereal Vegan?
    The criss-cross patterns of this cereal are a familiar sight, but the ingredients in most fortified breakfast options can be concerning for plant-based diets. 
  • Vegan Options At Cheesecake Factory
    The Cheesecake Factory is famous for having an extensive menu filled with over 10 pages of treats to eat. But, is it a vegan-friendly place?
  • Vegan Options at Red Robin
    Though it’s a burger joint gaining popularity, vegans still struggle here. Are there any vegan options available?
  • Is Red 40 Vegan?
    Red 40 is an artificial flavor that frequently finds its way onto the label of many confectionary items, as well as beverages. As a vegan, this is likely to make you curious to know more.
  • Is Sriracha Vegan?
    Sriracha is a popular spice hit that anyone can enjoy, right? Well, we have to ask – is Sriracha vegan?
  • Are Twizzlers Vegan?
    Most chewy candies are made non-vegan in some form, usually by gelatin, but are Twizzlers vegan?
  • Are Smarties Vegan?
    They are one of the most iconic candies that have delighted kids for decades, but are smarties vegan?
  • Are Jelly Beans Vegan?
    As with most chewy candies, a plant-based diet will always be on the lookout for gelatin. This begs the question, are jelly beans vegan?
  • Are Jolly Ranchers Vegan?
    With a keen eye on plant-based candies, we all want to know, are Jolly Ranchers vegan? The answer is they can be to some! 
  • Are Pop-Tarts Vegan?
    If you have recently become vegan, these may have been your favorite breakfast growing up. But the question remains, are Pop-Tarts vegan?
  • Is Monster Energy Drink Vegan?
    Known for a quick burst of energy, they are all the rage now, but are Monster Energy Drinks vegan?
  • Is Red Bull Vegan?
    Whilst it might claim to be the original energy drink on the market, it appears that Red Bull still uses a lot of old methods that are not acceptable to a vegan.
  • Are Fruity Pebbles Vegan?
    Questionable ingredients tend to make a lot of cereal unsuitable for a plant-based diet. But today, we want to know if Fruity Pebbles is vegan?
  • Is Rum Vegan?
    Vegan lovers of spirits rejoice! There are plenty of plant-based options that are ok to consume. But is Rum one of them?

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