Veestro vs Purple Carrot

We’re entering the world of reputable vegan meal delivery today. Let’s see which of Veestro vs purple carrot is the plant-based option best suited to your needs. 

The creative menus of both set them apart from a lot of the competition, so expect international cuisines aplenty. Some key differences will sway you to one side over the other, but rest assured, you’re in good hands with both. Time to take a closer look and see which one is more likely to end up on your table. 


Veestro is a plant-based pre-prepared meal service that sends vegan meals to your door. They have subscription options that help bring the price down as well as a la carte options. Their meals are known for their quality and freshness, with a unique set of meals available, it is easy to see why they are so popular. 

They were formed by a brother and sister team that grew up in Costa Rica. March Fachler and Monica Klausner knew a thing or two about healthy meals filled with nutrition and noticed there was a lack of this in the U.S.

Their vision is to our benefit as their healthy meals arrive pre-frozen to lock in the nutrition and are ready to be heated on the stove, in a microwave, or the oven.

Who is it for

Veestro is ideal for the busy household, and for anyone who wants to get their fill of vegan meals delivered to their door.

There is no prep involved and Veestro has a variety of meal sizes to choose from. Fill a box with 10, 20, or 30 meals but be wary that 10 meals will leave you with two extra if you are looking for four servings.

With low-calorie meals, Veestro is also good for anyone looking to shed a few pounds and control what they eat. There is always a good selection of meals in this area so the chances of getting bored of the same flavors are seriously reduced. 

Their changing list of over 50 meals is great for picky eaters, and although vegan food can sometimes have an undeserved reputation for not being as exciting as other cuisines, Veestro seems to be changing the game. 

Types of diets served

Veestro cannot guarantee that their meals are free from cross-contamination so anyone with strict allergies should contact the company directly to find out more.

Otherwise, their meals can be filtered by dietary preferences. Of course, their meals are all vegan and vegetarian friendly, but they can also be high-protein, gluten-free, low-calorie, nut-free, soy-free, and kosher.



  • Health vegan meals
  • Caters for different dietary requirements
  • 3-5 minutes to cook
  • Good variety
  • A la carte orders are available


  • Can be a bit pricey

Purple Carrot

Another plant-based company, make pre-portion meals as well as meal kits to encourage more households to eat plants.

Purple Carros claim that in 4 weeks, their meals have been clinically proven to help customers lose weight, whilst lowering LDL cholesterol, all whilst maintaining a vegan lifestyle.

As with many modern companies, Purple Carrot has an eco-conscience. They do a lot to rescue their carbon footprint with environmentally-friendly meals. 

With more options than most vegan subscription boxes, you can fill your day with pre-made meals from Purple Carrot. With breakfast, lunch, and dinner covered you can get on with your busy life and enjoy a rotating menu delivered to your door. 

Who is it for

Anyone who enjoys a vegan lifestyle will particularly enjoy the nutritious meals available, but they are for anyone to enjoy. Because they can help you reduce cholesterol, there are plenty of good reasons to sign up for a subscription.

Have a busy lifestyle with work and social life taking up your time? Then Purple Carrot takes the strain out of mealtime. You can take your pick of 8 dinner recipes, lunches, and breakfasts and customize your weekly plan.

If you want to stop with the unhealthy snacks between meals, they also have a range to help keep hunger at arm’s length. 

So if you want to step away from the cookbook and make mealtime as simple and nutritious as possible, Purple Carrot is a good option. 

Types of diets served

Plant-based meals are always good for vegans and vegetarians, but they also make gluten-free meals in their TB12 meal plan. These are tailored towards high-performing lifestyles so they can fuel your next workout or training session. There is a little less choice, but the recipes are excellent. 

Their meal plans can be filtered by gluten-free, soy-free, high protein, and nut-free.

Purple Carrot has three plans to choose from. The Quick and Easy meals take less than 30 minutes to prepare, high protein with approximately 20g of the plant-based protein you need to get the most out of the gym, and the chef’s choice, their gourmet plan.



  • Menus for every meal of the day
  • Plant-based meals
  • Plenty of different types of cuisine on offer
  • Unique recipes every week 
  • Stand out ethics 


  • Vegan meals aren’t for everyone
  • Not as much variety as some brands

Price comparison

The price of a meal is always going to be a huge factor in your decision, but remember you’re paying for convenience and nutrition here. As a vegan, it’s not always easy to get both so let’s see what both brands have to offer.

Veestro meals start at $9.90 for their prepared meals, and Purple Carrot starts at $9.99 for their meal kits but pre-prepared meals increase to $12.99 in some cases. Shipping is free for both, although you should expect to pay $9.99 for a one-time order through Veestro. 

Winner: Veestro

Their meals are less expensive, making them great for anyone on a budget. Purple Carrot meals will still be tempting for a lot of people, as they are high in quality and there is plenty to like.

Meal choices & variety

The meal types on offer are different. Veestro only makes prepared heat and eat meals, and although Purple carrot makes these, they also have a meal kit menu. If you don’t mind a little prep then you can reduce the price of a subscription and use pre-portioned ingredients to make mealtime a delight.

The Purple Carrot meal kit consists of over 10 choices every week and there are world-cuisines on display such as Mico Coconut Ramen Bowls and Szechuan Chili Noodles. Their prepared meal menu has around 15 options every week and there are also a handful of snacks available.

In comparison, Veestro has a huge 60 meals to choose from. At nearly double that of Purple Carrot, this is impressive. The only caveat is that their menu doesn’t change very often. There are new items added, but this is not a weekly occurrence. Still, it takes a lot to get bored of 60 meals. 

Half of their meals are weight loss meals, to take your daily calorie consumption to 1,200 and include the likes of Eggplant Casserole and Hawaiian Chili. 

Your decision will likely be based on which menu you prefer, but there is a lot of variety with Veestro, but changing menu choices with Purple Carrot.

Winner: Purple Carrot

The fact that their menu changes more frequently means you get to mix things up. However, with 60 items to choose from, Veestro would be an excellent choice for anyone.

Creativity of dishes

Both boxes are vegan, with unique flavors and plenty of options to choose from. But one was slightly more creative than the other.

Veestro has creative meals like Tuscan Calzone and Soba Noodles in Peanut Sauce. There are plenty of world cuisine dishes that you may never have tried before, and some have a nice twist to them to make them exciting.

Their meals are often unique, but there are also traditional favorites like Fajitas and Enchiladas Casserole, and Shepherdless Pie.

Purple Carrot also makes vegan dinner time exciting, it is often said that anyone who isn’t following a plant-based diet will enjoy their meals. Only the TB12 plan cannot be customized, but otherwise, you can get creative when building your box.

Try the crispy potato skillet with snap pea slaw and scallion sour cream, Vietnamese Seitan with pickled vegetables and brown rice, or sausage jambalaya and you won’t be disappointed. The good news is, Purple Carrot is always coming up with new ways to make vegan food enticing.

They also make traditional dishes so you can often find good old Mac n Cheese.

Winner: Veestro

Their range of dishes gets the edge for when you want to try something different. But with a menu that changes every week, Purple Carrot is another great option.

Overall quality of food

When serving the food, the only thing that matters is the taste. Both brands are known for using fresh ingredients and locking in the flavors by freezing them. So, for vegan heat and eat options, they are hard to better. 

One of the surprising things about Purple Carrot is that they get authentic tasting vegan cheese and quality tofu. This isn’t always easy to find so it is worth noting. They also make brilliant vegan yogurts and nut milk to bulk out your supply.

They say they are working on getting more organic ingredients into their menus in the future, but it is already obvious that they make fresh dinners. 

Veestro also makes frozen meals that are not your standard fare. They look fresh and taste full of flavor. The sauces need a little encouragement when cooking to stop them from separating. But when combined, the flavors are well thought out.

All in all, there is a lot of quality on display. Both brands prove that frozen food has come a long way.

Winner: Purple Carrot

Their range of ingredients is imaginative and with fresh produce aplenty, but take nothing away from Veestro. Their meals are also some of the tastiest we have tried.

Recipe clarity & difficulty

Prepared vegan meals should be all about ease, and that’s what both brands offer. 

Expect to spend 3-5 minutes cooking the heat and eat options from both brands, but the meal prep kits from Purple Carrot take up to 40 minutes.

Still, Purple Carrot does encourage plant-based diets to try new flavor combinations that they would otherwise never taste. It’s easy to get on with so they are great for first-timers. 

Customers get an estimate of prep and cook time for their meal kits, so they know exactly how to plan dinner time. All their meals are contained within a mini-cookbook, making it easy to go back and make them again anytime you feel like experiencing the flavors again.

All in all, there is nothing difficult here, just fresh vegan ingredients that are easy to prepare. 

Winner: Veestro

With a maximum of 5 minutes of cooking time, Veestro makes meal time as simple as possible. The same can be said for Purple Carrot unless you are signing up for their meal kit prep. Still, these are easy to make and there is a sense of achievement when dishing up something delicious for the first time. 

Our Verdict

Winner: Veestro

With a huge range of meals available, they got the edge here. With nearly 60 meals to choose from it will take a lot to get bored. 

However, the changing menu of Purple Carrot is exciting so they would make an excellent option for the busy couple looking to enjoy a vegan meal together.

The quality on display shows just how delicious vegan food can be, something we are all for. 

Whichever brand you opt for, we hope your dinners are as tasty as their menu looks.

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