Freshly vs Trifecta

Making dinner time as simple as possible while ensuring you get your fill of nutrition is no easy task. It’s why many people are turning to delivery options, and we’re comparing two of the best. 

Oh, and we’re not talking take-out here! 

In our Freshly vs Trifecta review, we’re going to find out which is your best option for convenient meals that give you nourishing fuel whilst making your life easier, and tastier. They have very different approaches, so read on to find out which is better suited to your needs. 

Just to be clear, both brands are reputable food delivery companies that send nourishing food to your door, so you’re in good hands here. 


Freshly take a different approach from a lot of fitness-focused brands. There’s still an emphasis on nutrition, but they also stress the importance of reducing sugar intake as well as some of the other processed ingredients we all want to consume less of. 

Their meals are gluten-free and contain a blend of quality protein, complex carbs, and are portioned to appease different people’s diets. Every meal is made by a chef and there are plenty to choose from. 

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Who is it for?

Whilst both brands are good options for the health-conscious, they have different priorities. Freshly are great for making mealtime healthier without a massive emphasis on losing weight. 

Not only this but they are built for convenience and offer a range of meal plans. Busy families and anyone who wants to have their daily nutrition mapped out for them will find this a good option, but the nutrition would also suit athletes who know what they are looking for.

Types of diets served

It is impossible to find a diet that suits everyone’s needs, and since variety is the spice of life, meal plans need to be accessible for as many preferences as possible.

Whether you have specific dietary needs or not, Freshly meals are gluten-free, with many dairy-free and soy-free choices available. 

Exciting meals such as their Freshly Fit options, tailored towards active lifestyles. Need something to support a weight loss plan? Try their numerous low-carb meals.

Pros/cons of Freshly


  • Plenty of dietary options including gluten-free, and Dairy-free
  • Meals are ready to eat in 3 minutes
  • All meals are fresh
  • Lots of variety – 30+ weekly meal options 
  • Lots of different meal plans
  • Supports different health goals


  • Not certified organic 
  • Not certified non-GMO


Trifecta has athlete-heavy branding and is tailored towards helping people reach their health and fitness goals via specific meal plans. 

They do more than meal plans, they also have a free fitness app. You can browse a variety of workouts that they put online on different days, it’s all part of their overall goal of getting people to make smart choices for their health. 

Their macro balanced meals are made fresh so you’ll never receive them frozen, and although they are ideal for bodybuilders and fitness fanatics, they are a good option for anyone looking to make mealtime healthier. 

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Who is it for

Trifecta tends to be a good option for athletes looking for a tailored diet plan used to reach different health goals. 

If you’ve already mastered your workout routine, but need a little help in the kitchen to reach your health goals, Trifecta is an excellent option. With tailored nutrition that is purpose-made for different health goals, they are hard to beat. 

Trifecta is a good meal plan delivery service for anyone looking to eat nutritious meals that aren’t bland, or just want to spend less time in the kitchen, and more time in the gym.

Types of diets served

Trifecta can tailor for gluten-free diets, as well as dairy-free, and soy-free lifestyles. You can choose between their weekly plans to stick to your vegan, keto, vegetarian, and paleo needs.

There are up to 14 lunch and dinner meals to pick from, and a handful of breakfast meals – something Freshly can’t compete with. But with less control over the menu, it won’t be for everyone. Trifecta selects your weekly meals for you. This is based on your specific plan but could be restrictive for some. 

Pros/cons of Trifecta


  • Free nutrition coaches to ask questions 
  • Options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner 
  • Organic meals
  • Great for athletes
  • Heat and eat convenience 
  • Gluten-free, soy-free & dairy-free options
  • Meals are never frozen


  • Unable to choose specific meals 
  • Can be repetitive


Whether you are feeding yourself, a couple, or a family – price matters! You need to be able to get your balance of nutrition but it must be within your budget. 

Trifecta meal plans start at $90.93 for their vegan and vegetarian options per delivery with A La Carte meals working out at $6 a meal, but you must choose a minimum of $119 per delivery.

Their keto, clean, and paleo meal plans start at $109 per delivery, with classic meal plans costing $119, so there are plenty of options.

Depending on how many meals you order, Freshly plans can differ a fair bit. For four meals you are going to pay around $11.70 a meal, but six meals cost $9.99. The proper outline is as follows:

  • 4 meals a week is $47.16 + $6.99 shipping = $54.15
  • 6 meals a week is $59.94 + $6.99 shipping = $66.93
  • 8 meals a week is $75.92 + $8.99 shipping = $84.91
  • 10 meals a week is $92.90 + $10.99 shipping = $103.89
  • 12 meals a week is $107.88 + $11.99 shipping = $119.87

The downside is that you do have to pay for shipping, but the meals do work out significantly cheaper.

Winner: Freshly

Thankfully, both brands have plenty of options. With Freshly orders, you get to bring the price right down when you order more meals and there are lots of options for the number of meals you order. 

Order six or more meals and you bring the cost below $10 a meal. Compare this to Trifecta and you are going to save a lot of pennies. Their meals average around $15 which starts to add up the more you order. They do offer free shipping, but this isn’t enough to make it more cost-effective than Freshly.

Meal choices and variety

The main strength of both brands is that you don’t have to spend time prepping meals, so the choices here are made simple. These are modern heat and eat meals, never frozen, and delivered to your door.

In a few minutes, you can be tucking into a nutritious meal and there is plenty to like about both brands here.

Freshly has the bigger variety, making over 30 meals options every week. There is everything from Crafter Classics, Signature Classic, and Takeout Twists. The latter is a favorite for many since it includes the likes of K-Town Pork & Purple Sticky Rice so you can stop searching for healthy take-outs in your area!

Not only that, but they offer low-carb meals for different diets and lifestyles. This means you can grab a high protein, vegetarian, low carb, or paleo meal with under 500 calories per serving. Of course, they arrive fresh and are ready to eat in a few minutes. 

We’re always impressed by their selection of global cuisines, and when you combine these with the classics, there is clearly something for every palette. 

Some of their entrees include wild-caught whitefish cake, carb swap cauli-sausage bake, and paleo-friendly pulled pork. In terms of variety, they do impress.

Trifecta is constantly updating its menu so you do get a rotating choice of nutritious meals. Still with 10 -14 every week, there isn’t as much variety as Freshly. 

We do like that they offer a breakfast menu with a handful of options such as egg scrambles, frittatas, oatmeal, chia puddings, and baked goods. They tend to focus on macros and put a lot of thought into the flavors, so you can tell that these are chef-prepared meals.

The main downside is the lack of control. With Trifecta Nutrition, you don’t get to choose the meals you’re tucking into at the dinner table. 

They send a selection of meals within your meal plan every week, but you’ll have to get used to the surprise element every week. It can be good for mixing things up and trying new meals, but it’s not for everyone.

Alternatively, try their classic meal plan which allows you to choose the meals you want. 

The minimum order for Freshly is 4 meals for one person, and a 1-week plan for Trifecta. 

Winner: Freshly

If you want to avoid meal prep, then both are excellent options, but Freshly rightly came out on top. Their superior meal selection and variety of recipes is a real winner. 

Creativity of dishes

Now we get to the best part – taste! This isn’t going to be your usual quick-to-make meal. Both Freshly and Trifecta meals are always made fresh so you never have to eat anything frozen.

The portions of Freshly are generous and they are known for making tasty meals. The freshness is apparent in most dishes and because there are plenty to choose from, you do get the sense that a lot of care goes into their menu.

They have everything from a Red pepper chicken bowl to Turkey meatballs and zoodles and although they don’t rotate all their meals every week, customers are always raving about the taste. 

Trifecta doesn’t just focus on nutrition – they are also known for their taste! They have a consistent menu that might not have as many options every week but is still a strong option for fitness fanatics and anyone who knows what they like and prefer not to venture from their favorites. 

Expect high protein recipes galore and some tempting choices to help you smash your health goals such as Chicken Wings with Sambal Vegetables and Brown Rice, and Beef sloppy joe’s. 

Using a microwave can water down the taste, but they are compatible with oven cooking so you can switch between cooking in a rush, and a more flavorsome meal.

Winner: Freshly

Variety is important when choosing meal plans, so we had to give it to Freshly again. Some customers find the lack of variety a sticking point with Trifecta, but you don’t get this issue with Freshly. 

Overall quality of food

It is great to see two meal delivery services making heat and eating options that don’t lack nutrition. But without quality ingredients, you are going to miss out on a lot of the benefits so which has the better quality?

Freshly are good for avoiding added sugars and artificial nasties and make their meals gluten-free, but can’t guarantee organic ingredients or that they stay clear from GMOs.

Trifecta may be the pricier option, but this is reflected in the quality of their ingredients. They use certified organic produce, including their range of protein to support a healthier lifestyle. 

They use grass-fed beef and free-range chicken to fuel your workouts and are proud of their superior standards. They stay clear from preservatives and the ingredient list is simple, as it should be. 

Both brands take away the need to prep your dinner so you get to enjoy fresh meals without having to earn it. The freshness of both is obvious, but one stood out…

Winner: Trifecta

Using superior ingredients comes at a price to the customer, but if you’re willing to pay for high-quality food, Trifecta is the best brand of the two. 

Recipe clarity & difficulty

Both brands make an effort to help you know more about what goes into every meal. Since they went through the trouble of making meal plans for different dietary requirements, it’s hardly surprising.  

Trifecta allows you to find the nutritional value of every meal by including the details in every box. They don’t allow customers to choose their meals so you can’t change anything. Still, you do get plenty of clarity and know what has gone into every meal. 

Freshly gives you more information because you can pick the meals you want before cooking. Choosing meals based on nutrition and flavor is easier as a result. 

Both Freshly and Trifecta make cooking easy, so there is nothing difficult about cooking or meal prep. Simply cook the meals for the advised time in the microwave or oven and enjoy a fuss-free dinner. 

Winner: Freshly

Freshly is the better option if you want to know everything about the meals before they arrive at your door. If you’re into surprises at mealtime, then Trifecta can still be a good option. 

Our Verdict

Freshly ticked more of the important boxes. With plenty of variety, a more affordable range of meal plans, and pretty much every dietary requirement catered for, they are a great option for anyone looking for nutritious meals made easy.

The athletic types will still get a lot of joy from Trifecta, and we have no problem recommending their quality dishes to gym-goers looking to support a healthy lifestyle. 

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