Hungry Harvest vs Misfits Market

Not bothered about how beautiful your potatoes look? Don’t mind an imperfect peach or carrot? Well, neither do these two companies, as they sell the ugly, imperfect produce that isn’t the right shape for the supermarkets, and reduce waste whilst filling our tummies. 

Every family needs their fill of fruit and veg every week, so our Hungry Harvest vs Misfits Market comparison will see which of these organic produce delivery brands is best for your needs.

Hungry Harvest

Who is it for?

Hungry Harvest isn’t just for the eco-warriors of the world, it’s for the better of everyone. Their sustainable approach is admirable, everyone needs to eat, so why not do it in a way that is kind on the earth? They take their produce that is destined for landfill and find it a place on someone’s dinner plate. 

Concerned about the fact that 40% of food ends up in landfills? So are Hungry Harvest. Their appearance on Shark Tank helped them catch the public’s attention and they have since saved tens of millions of tons of food from going to waste.

By stepping in at different points of the supply chain, they can save more food from waste. So, the produce in their boxes may have been taken from the farm, packing house, and even the wholesalers out there. It can be the ‘wrong shape, size, or just be part of bad timing due to there being an excessive amount of that fruit or vegetable at the time.

Ideal for families, they manage to pass on some of the savings made from picking up produce at a discount, so you can get the same vitamins and nutrients as you would from the ‘normal’ produce you find in the supermarkets. 

Want to save money on trips to the supermarket? Then Hungry Harvest is a great option.

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Types of diets served

These are curated boxes of fruit and veg so even if you like to eat meat, you are getting your fill of kitchen essentials. 

Any vegan or vegetarian is going to be happy but this is the sort of food delivery service that anyone can enjoy. The contents are gluten-free, dairy-free, and always full of veggie goodness. 

You get to choose which size box you want so large households are catered for, and this is also a good box for anyone who prefers to get as much organic produce into their diet as possible as there is always the option of an organic Harvest.

Hungry Harvest also has add-ons such as additional veg and kitchen staples to help reduce the number of times you need to leave the house. 

Pros/cons of Hungry harvest


  • Reduces food waste 
  • Weekly deliveries to your door
  • Organic option
  • Choice of boxes
  • Locally sourced fruit and veg


  • Just the appearance of some of the produce – but it tastes the same!

Misfits Market

Who is it for

Misfits Market is another company saving ugly produce from landfill, but with strictly organic boxes aplenty, they have a unique twist. 

This Philadelphia-based company has been serving boxes of fresh fruit and veg since 2018. An organic company, they handpick the farms they deal with from around America but also grab a handful of other fresh foods from further afield such as their citrus and avocado items. 

Worried about your impact on the world? You and Misfits Market think alike. They’re using unwanted produce in a way that helps to stop waste so their boxes are great for anyone looking to try and do their bit for mother earth.

This is a great option for the busy family who wants to take their pick of organic produce and reap the benefits from food without pesticides and other potential nasties.

To help you to stay close to home, they also have snacks, beverages, and other essentials to choose from as you build a box. 

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Types of diets served

Similar to Hungry Harvest, Misfits Market is a one-stop delivery service for all your fruit and vegetable needs. This makes them ideal for the vegan or vegetarians of the world, but since every meal should be accompanied by a healthy dose of vitamins and nutrients, they are also great for meat-eaters.

Because they send oat milk and other essentials, they are great for certain diets and make it easy to stock your cupboards with healthy produce every week. 

Many of their products are also labeled non-GMO so if this is what you like to look for in your produce, they make it easy to find items that suit your needs.

Pros/cons of Misfits Market


  • Mostly organic items
  • Sustainably sourced grocery items
  • Flexible delivery options
  • Reduces waste


  • Some add-ons sell out pretty fast

Price Comparison

There’s no set fee when shopping with Misfits Market, although theirs has a minimum spend of $30. Customers can skip delivery whenever they want as you aren’t tied into a contract when shopping with them.

You build your box from their low price products and if you forget or don’t leave enough items in your cart that push it over the $30 mark, they’ll skip your order for the month. 

On average, a $30 box tends to be full of $50 worth of fruit and veg, so the savings are impressive by anyone’s standards. Not bad for organic produce!

Hungry Harvest costs between $15 and $42, depending on how many people are in your household. Compared to the price of a supermarket shop with the same items, you are set to make massive savings.

The flexibility is great and although you don’t get to choose exactly what is in every box, there are useful ways to make it work for you. To spread the cost, you can choose to receive it weekly or every other week, and change the size of your box whenever you see fit. Customers can also cancel anytime.

For shipping, orders over $29.99 are free with Hungry House but cost $5.50 with Misfits Market.

Winner: Hungry Harvest

With a cheaper box, you aren’t having to spend $30 as a minimum. Although the value of a Misfits Market box is impressive and will be music to the ears of anyone who likes to shop for organic food. 

Choices & variety

Hungry Harvest boxes offer plenty of variety and a mini harvest (their smallest box) contains 3 veggies, 2-3 fruits, and greens to feed the family. They also make a full harvest box for up to 3 people. This contains 2-3 fruits, 2-4 veggies, and greens but their Super Harvest box is their biggest.

Expect 2-5 fruits, 4-7 veggies, and 1-2 greens from this one. Their pantry items include kitchen essentials and there is always the chance to add more veggies should you want to.

The choices with Misfits Market are great. By selecting the produce you want, you get to add everything into one box. This means everything from fresh rosemary, mushroom, plant-based proteins, beverages, pet food, and even dairy alternatives are all options.

This means you can cook whatever you want straight out of the box. Mealtime is certainly made easy with this variety, and as soon as you have built your box to exceed $30, it is good to go.

Winner: Misfits Market

The flexibility is superior, with plenty of options for adding neat extras and kitchen staples as you build your box. Hungry Harvest is very open, and both offer seasonal produce. 

Creativity of dishes

Being creative in the kitchen is all down to the customer here as you are not getting meal prep kits. The ugly veg movement is perfect for reducing waste but it won’t take the guesswork out of dinner time.

Saving money on quality produce should never be underestimated though. With both options, the possibilities are technically endless. Fruit and veg and mealtime essentials so as long as you get enough of it, you’ll be making your firm favorites every night.

Misfits Market is a bit more flexible in this area as you can plan mealtime and add herbs and spices to cook a variety of organic meals from scratch.

By being able to add other kitchen staples, you can make world cuisine food as long as you have a handful of the other important ingredients needed.

Hungry Harvest includes seasonal veggies so you can make something hearty in winter, and fresh in the warmer months. The good news is that their website is a great resource for making food go further.

There is plenty of inspiration for using leftover produce and turning it into another meal, and tips for freezing so you can get creative another day.

Winner: Misfits Market

With more flexibility in the way you build a box, Misfits Market is great for the creative chef. You’ll still get a lot of joy out of a Hungry Harvest box and their approach is a lot faster to build so it’s all down to how creative you want to be. 

Overall quality of food

These are ugly fruits and veggies we’re talking about so we’re not going to judge by appearances. The best thing about these brands is that they show that as long as the produce is fresh, it has the same quality as something that is shaped a little differently. 

Hungry Harvest is known for sending high-quality produce that is otherwise heading for landfill. They taste the same, if not better than supermarket produce and many customers comment on how fresh their fruit and veggies taste. 

In terms of quality, Misfits Market is surprisingly superior to what you can find on supermarket shelves. They seem fresher and are full of flavor. They are also organic which is a major plus point for a lot of families. 

Food without pesticides is always going to be a winning formula in this area.

Some items can be a little smaller than what you might be used to, so it is best to approach both with an open mind as both are trying to reduce food waste with perfectly good produce. 

Winner: Misfits Market

Although both make quality produce, Misfits Market gets the edge here for their organic produce. Having said that, Hungry Harvest also includes some organic produce which is great to see.

Recipe clarity & difficulty

Cooking with produce from both brands is going to be easy, as most of the items are common fruits and veggies that are easy to use in a variety of dishes. 

Vegans and vegetarians will find it easy to put these food boxes to good use, and even those who eat meat regularly will know that no steak dinner is complete without a side of greens and fresh-cut fries.

Hungry Harvest makes it easy to add some essentials as their website layout is simple, so customers don’t have any difficulty finding the add-ons they need to make mealtime more interesting.

Misfits Markert is also great for its variety. Want to add a little cilantro to that Thai curry? No problem. Their long list of pantry items ensures you can get pretty much everything you need for that recipe – just source the seasoning and protein separately if you aren’t into the plant-based options they have. 

The only difficulty is not being able to select the exact bundh of herbs or veggies but that is part of the process of using food box companies like this. 

Winner: Misfits Market

With Misfits Market, dinner time is going to be easier if you want to get everything from the same place. You still may need to run to the supermarket for certain items, which will be the same for either option here. 

Our Verdict

Overall winner: Misfits Market

Both brands are doing a lot of good in the world, reducing waste and making use of unloved fruit and veggies.

The overall format of Misfits Market gives it the edge, although the simplicity of Hungry Harvest appeals as well. 

With organic produce aplenty, it is difficult to imagine getting $50 worth of food for $30 anywhere else.

Overall, being able to do your bit for sustainability, and save huge amounts over the year make both options worth considering. 

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