Are Tums Vegan?


You see them on the shelves of most retail stores, but when you have a bit of heartburn or an upset stomach, can you consume Tums as a vegan?

Uses for Nut Shells

cracked nut shells

1) Use assorted shells as a lightweight packing material that will effectively cushion delicate household possessions, holiday ornaments or items that need to be shipped. 2) NEC’s bioplastic – purportedly twice as durable as corn-based PLA plastic and far more water resistant – is composed of agricultural byproducts such as cashew nut shells and plant … Read more

Are Cigarettes Vegan?

On the road to transitioning to veganism most have one product that was difficult to give up. Much of the time it’s either cheese or bacon but I think there is one non-vegan product that some vegans are still using and it may be the hardest of all to kick. That product is cigarettes. I’ve … Read more

Best Vegan Websites

After this article, I should probably get tested for radiation poisoning. I have spent days trolling the Internet to compile a list of what are, in my opinion, the best websites for vegan information. I have had fifteen tabs open on my Google Chrome browser at once. I have stared at the screen on which … Read more

Are Fireworks Vegan?

Fourth of July fireworks. A warm summer night. People young and old standing outside, staring at an ink-black sky, oohing and ahhing over an extravagance of color and motion. Could anything be wrong with this picture? I never would have thought so, until I attended a talk by scholar and activist Greta Gaard. At the … Read more

Vegan Fall Desserts

Fall is a magical time of year when vibrant colors can be seen outdoors and the rich aroma of cinnamon and nutmeg fill the indoors. Besides corn mazes and pumpkin-picking, fall can be celebrated right at home with the perfect seasonal desserts. Consider ingredients that showcase the season such as apples, pumpkins, cranberries and spices. … Read more

Vegan Myths

Once you’ve decided to step onto the road to veganism, you are faced with a challenge that omnivores only face on a much smaller scale. Or maybe it’s just a different scale. Everyone ends up explaining their diet choices to someone sometime. Daily fast food eaters often have to defend their obesity to strangers; the … Read more

How to Grow a Pet-Friendly Vegetable Garden

Our pets need good quality organic fruits and vegetables. Dogs are omnivorous, meaning that they eat meat, and their bodies derive nutritional benefits from certain fruits and vegetables. Cats are carnivores, but they benefit from a diet supplemented with certain plant sources of food. Like humans, animal companions have evolved with very specific nutrition needs, … Read more

Best Vegan Recipe Websites

It’s been great to see vegan food hit the mainstream over the past year, with news that Ellen and Portia will be opening a vegan restaurant; with Bill Clinton extolling the benefits of a vegan diet; and with even Oprah devoting an entire show to plant-based foods. Nevertheless, finding delicious vegan recipes can sometimes be … Read more

Christianity and Veganism

As a Christian who has adopted a vegan diet, I’m often asked how I reconcile veganism with the Judeo-Christian belief system. People frequently say “God gave mankind animals as food,” or “God intended for us to eat meat.” Do the Scriptures support those beliefs? It is true that following the Great Flood, God gave Noah … Read more

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