10 Most Influential People in Veganism

From the proliferation of new vegan cookbooks and products, to the sudden appearance of vegan recipes in mainstream media publications, it’s clear that the vegan lifestyle is on the rise. In fact, a recent poll from The Vegetarian Resource Group indicates that 2.5% of Americans now eat a vegan diet, up from 0.9% in 2000. … Read more

Is Lance Armstrong Vegan?

He may have an intriguing sporting past, but is Lance Armstrong vegan? The answer is yes. Well, mostly. As a former athlete, he must know a thing or two about increasing energy levels, and staying in shape, hence the transition to his diet, Engine 2. This is the name given to the plant-based, organic life … Read more

Is Carrie Underwood Vegan?

There can’t be too many people who grow up on the family farm who end up vegan. Well, this American Country star did grow up with a family raising cows, but is Carrie Underwood vegan? The answer is, well, not completely! It can’t have been easy considering a vegan diet when in Oklahoma. Let’s just … Read more

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