How Long Does Vegan Cheese Last?

vegan cheese

Vegan cheese is no different from regular cheese in that it too can go moldy and show signs of spoiling. This begs the question – how long does vegan cheese last? This answer is that most vegan cheese products advise that they should be consumed within 7 days. But in truth, the answer depends on … Read more

Why Do Vegans Look Sick?

Some see this as a bit of a myth, but many vegans don’t get the right vitamins and minerals needed for a balanced diet. This can lead to other people asking why vegans look sick? The answer is in the diet, and it should be stated that numerous vegans do not look sick – most … Read more

How to Be Vegan if You Hate Vegetables?

If you dislike the taste of vegetables, you will find it hard to go vegan. You are also likely to be missing out on key nutrients, essential for living a healthy life. Take vegetables off your plate and you may not be left with the most nutritious meal. Some people find that there are vegetables … Read more

Why are Vegans So Skinny?

skinny vegan

The plus points of a vegan diet include enhanced digestion and a diet of fiber with less saturated fat than meat-eating diets. These are all contributing factors that mean a lot of vegans weigh less.  But why exactly are vegans so skinny? Studies have shown that vegetarians and vegans tend to be slimmer than meat-eaters. … Read more

Why is Vegan Food So Expensive?

vegan food

It’s a topic of hot debate, as many vegans find themselves short-changed at the end of their weekly food shop. With meat alternatives and the likes of vegan cheese costing more than their meat and dairy counterparts, it has many asking why vegan food is so expensive? Animal products are cheap because of mass farming … Read more

Are Vegan and Vegetarian the Same Thing?

vegan food

Depending on the source, it is believed that vegetarian diets have been around for over a thousand years. With several different varieties of this diet, people have different reasons for such a life choice including for their health, ethics, the environment, and also religious purposes.  So, is vegan and vegetarian the same thing? No, they’re … Read more

What Can a Vegan Eat for Breakfast?

No matter what diet you follow, breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day for a reason. It sets you up for a day of work, or working out, or whatever else you feel like doing and this should be no different for a vegan. So, what can a vegan eat for breakfast? … Read more

Why Do Vegans Have High Triglycerides?


Cardiovascular diseases are a risk for anyone with certain blood pressure levels and obesity, but what about for those who follow a vegan lifestyle? Numerous studies have shed some light on Lacto-ovo vegetarians, and nonvegetarians, but not a lot of information has been given about vegans historically.  With many people switching to a vegan lifestyle … Read more

How Much B12 Does a Vegan Need?

vitamin b12

A plant-based diet is great for so many reasons, and you may be following this lifestyle for environmental, ethical, or health reasons to name a few. If it is the latter then you may be aware that vegans are often lacking in vitamin B12. This begs the question, how much B12 does a vegan need? … Read more

Why Veganism Is Bad for Animals

vegan sign

There are numerous reasons why people switch to a plant-based diet, including for enhanced health, weight loss, environmental, and of course, animal cruelty. But some say the latter isn’t always true of a vegan diet. It has us asking – why is veganism bad for animals?  Going vegan, or even vegetarian may lead to more … Read more

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