Vegan Options at Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse is one of the most popular steakhouse chains in America. Steak is obviously not vegan, but are there any vegan choices there aside from salad? It’s time to look at the facts behind the Roadhouse’s menu. 

Is There A Vegan Veggie Burger?

Nope. There is no veggie burger to be offered here, even with cheese or milk. This restaurant is notoriously bad at offering vegetarian or vegan options. 

What Foods Are Vegan?

The Texas Roadhouse is one of the worst chains for vegans or vegetarians. Sadly, even many of their vegetable sides tend to have animal products in them or are fried in bacon fat. This means that your options are woefully few.

The House Salad

You can eat a house salad as long as you ask for it without egg or cheese or salad dressing. Oh, and you’ll have to skip the croutons. The only dressing you can use here is oil and vinegar. 

Corn And Steamed Veggies

Both the steamed corn and veggies are safe for vegans to eat, as long as you don’t add butter to them. This two options are the best bets for people who want to have something satisfying here.

Note: We heard from several sources that the veggies that are served as a side may be soaked in butter before steaming or frying. So, there seems to be a bit of a source of contention. Ask your local chain before you order!

Steak Fries

The steak fries are, ironically, one of the only fried foods that you can eat as a vegan. Even then, cross-contamination is going to be a rough issue. 

House Peanuts

The free peanuts are a great boon to people who want to eat vegan at the Roadhouse. Here’s hoping you don’t have nut allergies. 

Sauteed Mushrooms And Onions

You can potentially eat these classic side dishes, but there’s a snag. You have to make sure to ask for them to be prepared without butter. Staff members can also make this on a separate frying pan to avoid cross-contamination. 

What Foods Are Not Vegan?

Steaks aside, there are a shocking number of foods that look like they’d be vegan but actually aren’t at the Roadhouse. Along with obvious offenders like mac n’ cheese or burgers, you need to avoid these:

  • Baked Potatoes. They are brushed in bacon grease. 
  • Sweet Potatoes. They are brushed in bacon grease, too.
  • Rolls + Bread. Bread products here include both egg and brushed-on butter. 
  • Fried Beans. The green beans contain pork, primarily bacon. 
  • Fried Pickles. The batter for the pickles includes egg. 
  • Seasoned Rice. The rice is made with chicken broth, making it not vegan or vegetarian. 


Does the Texas Roadhouse have Impossible burgers?

None of the chain’s outlets currently have any vegan meat substitute whatsoever, including Impossible burger. 

Are the Texas Roadhouse biscuits vegan?

Due to the inclusion of milk products, their famous biscuits are not vegan. 

Are Texas Roadhouse drinks vegan?

For the most part, you should be able to expect their drinks to be vegan as long as they are not creamy or milky. 

Is Texas Roadhouse Vegan-Friendly?

If there is one place where people go for steak, it’s the Texas Roadhouse. They are notorious for having their own built-in butcher shop and for having Texan ranch fare at low prices. It’s a national chain for steak fans. 

By and large, this is one of the worst places that you could bring a vegan. Along with many “false friend” menu items, the Texas Roadhouse just doesn’t have too many foods that actually can be eaten by vegans. Our verdict? Avoid at all costs.


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